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The Compact 3 Player Marimba

Recently reduced in size for portability and storage, this instrument has been designed for school use. Its range of 3 1/2 octaves makes it suitable for 3 or 4 players. It is diatonic but sharps and flats can be substituted.

The marimba is box resonated for trouble-free long term operation. The bars are hardwood. These marimbas can be stored on their ends with the bars stowed inside them.

The African-sound 3½ octave marimba

Similar in range to the compact 3 player marimba, this model is pipe-resonated with buzzers fitted to the pipes. The buzzers add a vibrant 'edge' to the sound. These instruments are more suitable for band musicians or secondary students involved in ethnic music-making.

Bass marimba

This 2 octave pipe resonated bass marimba (for 2 players) makes a great bass sound for your ensemble - an octave lower than the 3 player marimba. This instrument has been recently redesigned to be higher (the players need to stand at a bench which is supplied) The bass marimba can have adjustable 'buzzers' fitted to the pipes to get a more "African" sound.

Bass marimba

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