School Visits

Jon currently offers 2 school workshop programs

The Marimba Experience
This is an opportunity for everyone to play on the marimbas, drums and the wacky instruments that Jon brings along. Later in the day the kids present a concert of the pieces they have learnt.

A common format is 5 or 6 sessions, each about 40-45 minutes long with a maximum of 30 children per session. This is then followed by a 45 minute concert.

Variations on this format can be negotiated e.g.:

  • evening concert
  • small country schools can combine the 2 workshop programs
  • artist in residence programs

Sessions for the younger children are less technical. They include action songs, group activities and musical stories as well as marimba playing.


Marimba concert at Baucau, East Timor 2003

Marimba Making

In this workshop children (9 years and up) chisel and tune the tone bars for 1 or 2 marimbas in one day. The marimba frames are usually made by parents or teachers in their own time.

A common format is for class groups to spend an hour chiselling and tuning bars before groups change over. It is often possible to include a short session of playing on the marimbas that Jon brings along. Chiselling the bars is noisy so it's usually done outside.

Professional development days

Jon is also available for professional development days. Topics can include teaching music with marimbas, making marimbas and making wacky home-made instruments.

E-mail us for current workshop costs in your area.

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