Jon Madin leads 'The Cabbage Symphony'

Jon Madin leads a performance of 'The Cabbage Symphony' at the Victorian Marimba Camp. Instruments include marimbas, echocellos, musical exercise bikes, finger glocks, pole-percussion and federation bells.

Musical Bicycles at Turramurra

John Madin and family play familiar tunes on bicycle powered tremolo marimbas while cycling thru the Oz bush at Turramurra music camp being chased by happy teenagers. Not a video game in sight.

Banuwa arranged by Jon Madin

Onza Marimba Festival Auckland

Jon Madin makes a rubber glove bassoon

Jon Madin makes a rubber glove bassoon at the 2010 Victorian Marimba Camp. Instructions can be found in his Make Your Own Wacky Instruments book.

Jon Madin - Parade ECCPA 2010

Jon Madin leads an all-in workshop at the Early Childhood Conference of Performing Arts (ECCPA) in 2010.

Participants learn 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' on marimbas, echocellos, musical exercise bikes, and drainage pipe J-boppers. Rhythms are played on blue barrel drums, pipe tic-tocs and parade percussion - poles with cow bells, cymbals etc. activated by string pulling.

Marimba Camp 2010

Jon Madin, Brent Holl, Phil Melgaard, and Andy Rigby were the guest instructors at this year's Marimba camp held at Candlebark Farm in Healesville, Victoria in August 2010.


You step or jump on these boxes and they ding musical notes. Instructions for making them can be found in 'Make Your Own Wacky Instruments' by Jon Madin. Stomp boxes have percussion instruments either in or connected to them.

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